About Us

„Mebel Group”Company is established in 2003 by Mr. Biser Bozhilov.

The main activity of the company is related with the production of custom made furniture and manufacture of luxury hotel furniture, furniture for public places, professional kitchen and bar equipment, petrol-stations, hairdresser’s, private homes and many other interior solutions.

The designers, working in our company, have innovative ideas which help us offer extraordinary and unique furniture, completely matching the desires of our clients.

The idea for establishing „MEBEL GROUP” originated because of the increasing need of a company which can offer on the internal market not only furniture but а whole idea for furnishing, using high quality technologies and materials. For this purpose we have our own modern production base consisting of the following workshops and machines:

Main production workshop:

  • Panel Saw SCHEER-PA 5500 – cuts and scores five panels at a time.
  • Edge bander machine IMA-Advantage60 – eight-meter production line with unique configuration possibilities offering absolutely high-quality sticking.
  • CNC Machine (center) IMA-BIMA300 – cutting, milling, perorating – with any shape of the detail and non-standard operations.
  • Multiple Spindle Drilling Machine NIKMANN-BM23E – for holes of all sizes.
  • Machine for AGT profiles – TOSKAR200tek – for assembling of profiles at an angle.
  • Formatting Circular Saws – PADLONI-P300-32 - 2 pcs.
  • Sander – center – includes machines for high-quality, ecologic and dust free sanding of details. – WEBER –LCE 1000; NIKMANN - LBS 2500

Woodworking workshop, including:

  • Circular saw – METABO – ELEKTRA BECKUM
  • Band saw – „ЗММ Steel” – B550
  • Woodworking planner– „ЗММ Steel” – DMA - 401
  • Thickness planner – „ЗММ Steel” – DMS - 53
  • Milling cutter 2 pcs. – „ЗММ Steel ” – T1000 -L
  • Press – OTT -300K 100

Upholstering workshop with the following sawing machines:

  • Double needle – DURKOPP ADLER – HM – S11182
  • Straight – DURKOPP ADLER - 367
  • Прямая – STANDART TYPICAL – GC6 -7-D
  • Straight automatic - STANDART TYPICAL – GC6160MD3
  • Mock seaming machine – SIRUBA -757
  • Брусовочная машина для кожи –HIGHLEAD – YXP - 18
  • Embroidery machine – Shangyong

The existence of the above good production base sets the requirement for „MEBEL GROUP” employees to be highly qualified. The good condition of the machinery and the great professionals working with us give us a possibility to handle the undertaken tasks extremely fast and precisely. The company has developed, supplied and installed various interior solutions for many of the leading companies in the hotel and restaurant business and has received perfect references from them.